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Athletics - Fall

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Cross Country



Unified Soccer


Cross Country

CoEd Varsity Coach - John Tuttle

Email John Tuttle

PMHS CoEd cross Country Team

Team Photo Place Holder


CoEd Varsity Coach - Tyler Somers


Soccer - Girls Varsity

Girls Varsity Coach - Drew Williams

Email: Drew Williams

PMHS Girls Soccer Team

Soccer - Girls Junior Varsity

Girls Junior Varsity Coach -


PMHS Girls Soccer Team

Soccer - Boys Varsity

Boys Varsity Coach - Erick Bourdeau

Email: Erick Bourdeau

PMHS Boys Varsity Soccer  Team

Soccer - Boys Junior Varsity

Boys Junior Varsity Coach -


PMHS JV Soccer Team

Soccer - Unified Team - CoEd Varsity

Unified Team - CoEd Varsity Coach: Hollie Kelley

Email Hollie Kelley

PMHS Unified Soccer

Volleyball - Girls Varsity

Volleyball Girls Varsity Coach - Karen Pearson

Email: Karen Pearson

PMHS Girls Varsity Volleyball Team

Volleyball - Girls Junior Varsity

Volleyball Girls Junior Varsity Coach - Haley Holmes

Email: Haley Holmes

PMHS JV Girls Volleyball Team


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