Mission & Core Values

The mission of the Prospect Mountain High School community is to personalize education in order to maximize individual success.

Our Vision of the Graduate

We expect the Prospect Mountain High School graduate to be prepared for college and/or career by meeting our academic, social, and emotional expectations. We expect graduates to exhibit characteristics of our core values and to be able to make positive contributions to society.

Our Core Values

A school’s core values describe the qualities that are desired to be both modeled by the educational practices within a school and also to be intrinsically demonstrated in the practices of its students. Beyond academic expectations, these values are what we hope students take with them into their futures. Here at Prospect Mountain High School, our Core Values are:

  • Empathy and Embracing Diversity: learning to see the world through others' perspectives and recognizing and appreciating human differences

  • Self-Control: learning to manage our actions and emotions

  • Integrity: recognizing right from wrong and practicing ethical behavior

  • Grit: persevering in the face of challenge

  • Intellectual Curiosity: pursuits that lead to acquisition of general knowledge

Our Beliefs

Beliefs About Learning form the basis for teaching and learning practices and decisions. Here at Prospect Mountain High School, our Beliefs About Learning include:

  • Collective Responsibility for Learning/Success. We believe all stakeholders are encouraged to share in meeting the mission and educational goals of PMHS.

  • Growth Mindset. We believe learners who receive timely, thoughtful feedback about their learning are motivated to improve critical thinking and master content.

  • Safe and Respectful School Climate. We believe the practice of mutual respect contributes to a positive learning environment in which all learners feel safe and secure.

  • All Learners Possess the Innate Ability to Learn. We believe that everyone has the potential to thrive at PMHS.